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my dream...

fashion is my passion..love fashion ever since..whoa..teringin nye nak jadi fashion designer..aq nak jadi fashion mogul one day later!haha..my dream is..aq nak create my own fashion brand...aq nak create shoes line,purse line,clothing,accesories,fashion magazine,couture,brides wear,make up..under the same brand i created..u know macam Vincci,die ade shoes line die sendiri,at the same time die ade jugak accesorries line di juga..aq nak macam tu..teringin nak tengok my design,my lines on the runway..pergh bestnye..then ade butic sendiri..expanded bussines..whoa..BESTnye!!!!!!!
u know be a fashion mogul..contohnye macam Kimora Lee Simmons..die fashion mogul favourites aq..teringin jadi macam die..amazed dengan cara die uruskan fashion bussines die..smart gile tengok die buat kerje die..aq nak jadi macam die one day..
that's why la i love fashion so much especially heels!!heels is mylove!!hahaha..i love to go shopping..ske sangat..even tga pokai pown sanggup gak kua even window shopping aje..takper..janji puas!hahaha
aq juga suke sangat tengok cite macam american's next top models,project runway or cerite2 pasal makeover someone..or fashion police..or bace fashion magazin,enjoy sangat tengok cite2 macam tu...aq akan try buat mydreams become a reality!i can do it!!!!!

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