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my wish list

whoaaa since da start keje ni,da mule da start pegang duit sendiri,mesltilah aq macam2 nak buat dengan duit tu.,,hmmm....i wish :
     *buy contact lens..if beli yg colour,nak beli color yg pelik laa..laen dari owg selalu pakai contohnye..purple?
     *change my hairstyle drasticly..hmm ingat nak color tp eg keje xleh plak,xkasi..but aq nak cut short n curled
       it!!just wait n see...
     *nak beli dress,bags,heels,accesorries...(list die byk sgt so i summarize je eyh)
the pro and cons..hmm if beli lens,then its cepat rosakk..so mcm hmm membazir je kot..n mate aq bole rosak if aq tak jage betul2..but if aq beli,good things is aq tak payahla nk pakai that annoying spec!urrgghh hate it..looks like nerdy and old!i can see clearly without the help of spec!yeah...
if aq change myhair so drasticly...mybe that hairstyle are so no suits for me..mybe myface will nmpk more tembam then it is now!myb people will start to judge..myb??dunno..but if did change..whoaa..then aq takkan lagi rase bosan gile dengan hairstyle yg same(straight and long hair)duhh boring!!bole rase ade rambut curl..hehehe...
if aq beli shopping for dres and e.t.c...mama sure cot cet cot cet je mulut die..membebel aq asyik shoppg je...padahal baju,bags,,semuala da berlambak da..and kdg kdg rase membazir pulak..yela..fashion trend comes and goess..so if this style hot rite now,we will never know the future rite?..but if aq beli jugaakk..puas hati aq!aq dahla rinduu gile gile shoppg..aq daptlaa anything baru that i paid with my own money that i owned by myself...whoaa i'm so proud!
okee that's it...aq nak juga fulfill all my wish list..nampak tak seberape byk..but u have no idea what's going on my mind rite now..damn long list of wishlist..hahaha..however whatever whenever it is...i will HAVE it ALL..got it...ain't nobody will ever stop me!!hahahaah..LIKE I EVER CARE..DUHHH!!!hahahaaa..bye!


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